Top Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Are you thinking of selling your home sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas (or after the New Year)? Perhaps you’ve heard these common myths: You shouldn’t try to sell your house during the holidays; there isn’t a big enough market; you won’t get the price you want; there are too many hassles involved with a winter sale.


Contrary to popular belief, winter can be a great time to sell your home. While it’s true that selling your home during the holidays can present a few challenges, there are also plenty of advantages. Join the team at Amy Stockberger Real Estate (ASRE) as we explore a few benefits of selling your home during the holidays.

What do Thanksgiving and Christmas bring along with them? (Besides an expanding waistline due to holiday meals.) Vacation time! Not only do potential homebuyers get time off for the holidays, but they may also have PTO built up that needs to be used before the year’s end, which means more time to house hunt. And this flexibility goes both ways, as you may also have more time for preparation and home showings.

Prospective homebuyers won’t battle the cold temperatures to look at houses for sale, right? Wrong. The winter weather that accompanies each holiday season can actually work in your favor. The cold winds, snow, and ice will keep away the looky-loos, clearing the way for serious buyers that have probably been searching since early fall. These homebuyers are generally more motivated which can lead to easier negotiations and faster closings.

Who are these serious buyers? Many corporate relocations take place during the winter months, or more specifically after the New Year, and most employees would prefer not to wait until spring to find a new home. Furthermore, the holiday season can mean holiday bonuses and/or end-of-the-year commissions, giving undecided buyers an extra incentive to act.

Most homeowners wait until spring or summer to sell their home and the housing market will usually reflect this, making the winter months less competitive. Less competition + serious buyers = more eyes on your listing. This lack of competition during the holidays can translate to a quick sale and even a more lucrative price than you thought.

Maybe one of the best reasons to sell a house during the holidays, however, is your home’s winter curb appeal. You are most likely cleaning, organizing, and decorating for the holiday season already—what better time to sell your home than when it looks its very best? Not only that, but your neighbors’ houses will probably be decorated as well, making your neighborhood more festive and inviting to potential homebuyers.

The holidays tend to be an emotional time of year and most real estate teams will tell you emotion plays a significant role in the home buying (and selling) process. Things like string lights, pumpkin and pine scents, the warmth of a fireplace, and other holiday decorations can all be used to your advantage. Just make sure to exercise a little bit of restraint, as you want your home to look elegant and festive, not gaudy or tasteless. While selling your home during the holiday season might seem counterintuitive, this bold decision could end up paying big dividends in the end.